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In each of these paintings I express my response to a particularly poignant or emotional event described in Joan Lipkin’s diaristic emails. Although meant to resolve the event in my mind, I am often intoxicated by the visual elements that are to me the most intriguing aspect of the art experience. I borrow many visual conventions from photography, and in particular, from Henri Cartier-Bresson’s idea of the Decisive Moment—that one moment depicts the essence of the entire event.

I am often guided by the definition of art by the romantic poet, William Wordsworth, that “art is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings recollected in tranquility.” I usually don’t know what will happen until I sit down to draw, and even then, I am constantly surprised by what appears.

There are really two statements here: what I say and what you hear. Because we are unique, we may each read a picture differently and that is okay with me.

Kim Mosley was born in Chicago in 1946. He has been living, working and teaching at St. Louis Community College in St. Louis County for over 25 years. Prior to taking on the role as Dean of Liberal Arts in 2004, he received the Faculty Member of the Year Award, the David L. Underwood Memorial Lecture Award, the Governor's Award for Excellence in Teaching (Missouri) and the Emerson Electric Teaching Award (St. Louis).

Kim Mosley also received a photographer's fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts in 1981 and was a visiting artist at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1983-84. His work is included in collections throughout the country including the Art Institute of Chicago, the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts, and the Center for Creative Photography in Tucson. He received his MFA from Bradley University and BFA from the University of Illinois (CU).

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